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About Us

A.Chemitex (India) is a well known and established brand in chemical product. Having more than a decade experience, A.Chemitex (India) is without a doubt a leader in this business. We are a family group and thus has always been attached to the strong and solid values which characterize a family business.

We deal with a full range of chemical products. In order to keep on satisfying our clients, we also are very active on researching, creating and developing new products. By combining this to using our very own logistics and our very flexible approach to each client's needs, we are able to offer you a service that remains unrivalled to this day.

All those reasons allowed A.Chemitex (India) to grow into one of the largest and most successful sourcing and distribution network in the chemicals field, now dealing with clients across the whole world.

Our Products

Surphuric Acid (Commercial Grade)

Surphuric Acid (CP Grade)

Surphuric Acid (LR Grade)

Battery Water (1250 - 1300 Gravity)

Nitric Acid

Hydrocholoric Acid

Phosphoric Acid

Hydrofloride Acid

Copper Sulphet Powder

Client Reviews

A.Chemitex is a very genuine products provider, I used their products for my company and I am totally satisfied with therir quality. Thanks.

Sumit Marwah, Delhi

I personally recommend A.Chemitex India for chemical products as I am regular using their chemicals and till date I don't found any complaint so I highly appreciate them.

Shobhit Sharma, Noida